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Empowering Aurora's Transformation: Revolutionizing Procurement

In the pursuit of becoming a regional technology hub and delivering innovative smart solutions with exceptional customer experiences, the City of Aurora faced a significant challenge. Despite undergoing a robust digital transformation, the city lacked the internal processes and resources, including procurement capabilities, required to execute ambitious projects successfully.

By partnering with’s Clearbox Procure allowed the City of Aurora to achieve remarkable cost savings, enhanced efficiency, and elevated customer experiences by revolutionizing its procurement process.


  • Location: Aurora, IL
  • Government Type: City
  • Population: 179,000
  • Buyer: Office of the CIO, Finance Department
  • Key parties: Legal Department, Office of the Mayor, Office of the City Manager, Human Resources, Public Works



  • Increase Vendor Exposure
  • Validated Catalog of Solutions 
  • Reduced Resources and Research
  • Lower Risk Investments
  • Verified Market Pricing




Lack of Processes & Resources 

The City of Aurora had the goal to be a regional technology hub that delivers innovative smart solutions, services and provides a first class customer experience for its constituents. With a robust digital transformation, Aurora did not have the internal processes or resources, including procurement, to execute on these projects.



Saving Time, Resources & Money’s Clearbox process helps governments source, validate and procure technology solutions. This gave Aurora relevant information on government technology companies, their work in peer cities, pricing and contract vehicles to support efficient sourcing and procurement allowing them to save time, resources and money.

" helped create the gold standard for how technology procurement should be done in a municipality not just in Illinois, but in the nation."

- Michael Pegues, Chief Information Officer, Aurora, IL




A Future of Continued Success & Innovation

Clearbox enabled the city of Aurora to achieve unprecedented cost savings, efficiency gains, and enhanced customer experiences. By leveraging Clearbox Procure, Aurora unlocked remarkable benefits across its procurement processes, revolutionizing the way technology is acquired and managed.

Cost Savings 

Aurora has had substantial cost savings of over $500,000 in the first year alone, and an impressive $750,000 over the contract lifecycle. These financial gains provide the city with the resources to invest in critical projects and services that enrich the lives of its constituents.

Enhanced Efficiency and Reduced Staff Effort's invaluable support has significantly reduced resource efforts across multiple departments, streamlining market research and procurement activities. By saving approximately 70-105 personnel hours per project (equivalent to 0.5 - 0.8 FTE), employees are now empowered to focus on higher value projects and areas of expertise, amplifying productivity and innovation within the organization.

Shortened Cycle Time

Aurora's purchasing process time has been dramatically shortened, cutting it down to an impressive 3-4 months (compared to the previous 9-18 months). This accelerated timeline ensures quicker vendor selections, allowing the city to adapt swiftly to evolving technology demands.